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Fried Sichuan (Szechuan) Green Beans Recipe

Fried Sichuan Green Beans (干煸四季豆, gan bian si ji dou) is one of those amazing dishes that you find in China and wonder why the heck Chinese food restaurants in the states don't catch on and make them! I've found it served in some restaurants in Chinatown New York, but never the Sichuan-style green beans that are so mouth-numbingly spicy and addicting you wonder if there's crack in them. It's always a crowd favorite (seriously, when Nate and I make them for people, we never have leftovers) and way better than a traditional green bean casserole.

The outsides of the beans fry crinkly and crispy and the combination of chiles and Sichuan (or Szechuan) peppercorns burst with Sichuan's signature ma la (mouth-numbingly spicy) flavor. 

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Strawberry-Chile Chinese Cocktail Recipe

Garnishing the glass with a red chili looks really cool. Just make sure to warn your guests to not eat the chile (unless you don't like them)!

Spicy, spicy, spicy! These Strawberry-Chile Cocktails are hands-down my favorite drink to fix for people during the winter when it's FREEZING outside. I love the way they look with the fresh red chile perched on the rim and they taste so delicous. Sweet fresh strawberries are pureed with a spicy red chile and mixed with vodka to create a cocktail with a serious kick. Their spiciness is sure to kick off any party. For a more summery flavor, try rum!

Nate and I have experimented with adding different amounts of red chile to the mix. When we tried blending one whole red chile in the cocktail, our faces were on fire. We couldn't even finish our drinks . . . and that's saying something because we're no softies when it comes to hot stuff. I like using a half of a red chile but only because I don't mind feeling like my mouth is engulfed in flames. A safe bet is using a fourth of a red chile (that's all Nate can handle). Don't worry, it's still hot! Whenever we make these for guests, we tell them NOT to eat the chile on the rim. Still, someone always does try to eat one!

At certain times of the year when they are out of season, small fresh red chilies can be hard to find at grocery stores in the states but don't be tempted to substitue a large pepper--it won't have the same kick.  Most specialty grocery stores will have them year-round. Look for "thai chilies" or "birds eye chilies".

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How to Use Chopsticks

1. Rest the upper third of one chopstick in the space between your thumb and index finger. Use the side of your thumb to apply pressure and smash the chopstick against the end of your ring finger.

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How to Fold Dumplings (crimped-edge method)


How to Fold Dumplings (easy half-moon fold)